The Major Key League

The Major Key League

It’s been 1 day. In 1 day our first Madden League (The Justice League) burst at the seams due to an incredible amount of opening day sign ups. This is a website and a league that is for the people, and the people have spoken. I’d like to introduce to everybody, our second Sim Madden League. The popular vote has named this The Major Key League, and it’s already full with 32 users. In this league, we will play with realistic rules to keep the games very close to what we see on Sunday, while still having the freedom to be creative on Offense and Defense alike. Team Selection will be Saturday August 13th, and you’ll know from there who you’re going be running with. That’s enough talking though. Get ready, and be on the lookout for the Preseason Predictions coming before the start of this season.



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