Grand Opening of the JabboLabs Online Store

Grand Opening of the JabboLabs Online Store

Please allow us to take this time to announce the Grand Opening of the JabboLabs Online Store. Here we have put together a deep outlet of all types of clothing, and there is something for everyone. This store will be on site, permanently.

Some of you have previous subscribed to the Membership Program, in which our supporters received a monthly subscription box of items made especially for them. Following our social media, @JabboLabs throughout all Apps, you will see Membership Customers sporting all of their gear they’ve received. Unfortunately, we must announce that the Membership Program is now discontinued, but it is NOT gone.

We have had giveaways and contests in the past for our League Members, and many have benefited from the Most Rewarding Place For Gamers. From now on, there will be promotional times throughout the year when those Subscription Boxes are available, and those who sign up will be on the receiving end of those boxes! So, if you haven’t signed up yet, the opportunity will present itself again. And until that day comes, don’t hesitate to check in on the store for discounts, flash sales, and make sure to check our Social Media regularly for giveaways and more information.

As always, we appreciate the support of everybody, and we will continue to deliver on our end with our League members help.

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