The Longest Yard: Playoff Preview

The Longest Yard: Playoff Preview


Last night, we pushed to the Playoffs and today, we’re going to give you all a play by play preview of what to expect from the Postseason this year.

AFC Wild Card Preview

Dolphins (11-5) @ Bengals (12-4)

With home field advantage, the Bengals stand as the favorite in this game up by 1 win. I think the difference is going to come from the Miami defensive line and the Bengals QB, who regrettably so has thrown 32 INT’s. Some QB’s don’t throw 32 TD’s a season, and this man has 32 INT’s? Aaron Rodgers who is now a Dolphin has 22 INT’s, which isn’t exactly formula either. However, Danielle Hunter, the Dolphins Superstar LE, has 29.5 sacks. That means Danielle Hunter is going to be at Matt Carman’s throat all game, and given those 32 INT’s, this could be a turnover happy game for the Bengals. Offensively, the Bengals are far more balanced than this Dolphins team. AJ Green finished the year with over 1,600 yards, and Tavon Austin finished with over 1,100. They’re followed by 4 other receivers who have between 450 and 860 yards, so there are more than enough threats for Miami to worry about if Danielle hunter DOESN’T get to touch the 32 INT man, Matt Carman. Dalvin Cook is only averaging 86 ypg, so it would appear that the Bengals offense can’t stand on the run game alone. If they can’t, then their pass protection will be vital to their survival here. While the Dolphins are forcing a crazy amount of sacks, they aren’t forcing a crazy amount of turnovers. The force fumble numbers and the INT numbers are not even close to the sack numbers by scale. Although pressures usually equal turnovers, in this game it might just equal out to bad field position for the Bengals.

Key Stat for Miami: In sequence, the Dolphins pass rush can force bad field position. That can make it easier to get into the Red Zone. David Njoku is the team’s leading pass catcher, and has 15 touchdowns, while the next best is Devante Parker with a measly 4. The Red Zone presence of David Njoku can be a headache for the Bengals.

Key Stat for Cincinnati: Dalvin Cook has 469 receiving yards, so look for the possibility of Cook taking advantage of the pass rush in the screen game. They can force the Dolphins to only rush 3, and open up the run game to get the balance going that we talked about earlier.

Prediction: Dolphins Win, 31 – 20




Browns (12-4) @ Chargers (6-10)

The Chargers are on a 5 game losing streak. That means they were once 6-5 and things weren’t so bad. Now, they’re 6-10 and in the…. playoffs? Okay. Well let me give a message to the entire AFC West for letting a 6-10 team in the Playoffs. You all suck, you’re all terrible, go do some game prep or something. Fuck, man.

Cleveland! You turned into something! What’s crazy is in Week 17 the game was against the Chargers, and it was simmed, but the Browns washed them regardless. And I am expecting something of a similar result this time around. It’s been an impressive season, tied for 1st in the division at 12-4. There isn’t much of a matchup here, so let me (try) to commend you on your season. Patrick Mahomes has 41 TD’s and 37 INT’s. I just want to tell everybody in the league, I don’t care if you throw 100 TD’s when you also throw 96 INT’s. But it’s all good, because you were still winning. And you will beat the Chargers. But I don’t think numbers like that will survive past your round against the 6-10 Playoff team. WR Lee Evans is accounting for 18 TD’s offensively, and the closest receiver before him has half (9), so there hasn’t been much balance. But Lee Evans insane year should be commended. Offensively as a collection this isn’t very well done, but the defense is the glory of this Browns team. Remember earlier when I shouted out the Dolphins Danielle Hunter for 29.5 sacks? Well.. TJ Watt has 27 sacks. And, Emmanuel Ogbah has 27 too. Like, they both are having Hall Of Same sack number seasons… at the exact same time.  CB Gareon Conley (rapist) is only benefiting from this with 11 INT’s, and I expect at least 1 in this game against the Chargers. You basically got a BYE week here bro. Do your thing, and good luck next week.

Key Stat for Chargers: Paxton Lynch of the Vikings: “I threw 32 INT’s this year.”

                                                                                                  Carson Wentz of the Chargers: “Hold my beer.”

                                                                                                  Paxton: “…”

                                                                                                  Wentz: “33 INT’s with only 13 TD’s. And made the playoffs. See you next year.”

Key Stat for Browns: Two pass rushers with 27 sacks.

Prediction: Browns Win, 34-10


NFC Wild Card Preview



Monarchs (10-6) @ Vikings (11-5)

It’s gonna be cold in Minneapolis for this game, but it may be worth the trip for the Monarchs. The strong point in this Vikings team is that they can stop the run while still in max coverage, and strategically that might be it. For the Monarchs, the lack of thrown INT’s will be a big help against the Vikings knack on defense. The Monarchs Kirk Cousins has a low 12 INT’s on the season, while the Vikings have 32 INT’s. That means that the Monarchs can score efficiently on offense, but at a moderate pace as Kirk Cousins only has 27 passing TD’s. Fortunately Jordan Howard is 200 yards short of a 2,000 yard season, with 13 TD’s. That kind of yardage shows that this team can sit on the field and grind the clock, and fatigue the defense. The aforementioned 32 INT’s from the Vikings are even worse considering they only have 47 TD’s. And while 47 TD’s is a lot, we have to consider 2 facts. First, this Vikings team has been abusing CPU games and scoring  70 or so points with a 99 SPD receiver so a lot of those 47 TD’s have been padded with bombs to one player. And second, the next closest player is RB Salim Hunt who conveniently has 94 speed. So it would seem that if the Monarchs can hold the speed back, and not fall into the coverage traps, this should be a tight but good win for them. Conveniently these teams have already met up. In that game, the Monarchs won behind Jordan Howards 172 rushing yards. The Vikings star receiver only had 11 yards, and their RB had 32. So we’ve already seen the Monarchs coverage put the Vikings in a tight box, but all it takes is one mistake.  The Monarchs passing game was squeezed in that matchup too, but their running game stood up. The Vikings offense didn’t have anything to offer, and that’s why the Monarchs won.

Key Stat for Monarchs: In the first matchup, Mackensie Alexander of the Vikings caught 2 INT’s. IF, and it’s a big if, those 2 INT’s were from lost aggressive catches, as opposed to bad decision INT’s, then this time around the Monarchs might only consider fighting on one side of the field and avoiding those turnovers, because that’s how you lose to this Vikings team.

Key Stat for Vikings: The Monarchs have 3 CB’s over 92 speed, so the Vikings will need to find a more efficient way to move the ball down field, or they could find themselves stalling out at midfield and forcing passes deep into coverage. They NEED to hold the ball against this Monarchs team, because Jordan Howard is going to try and do just that.

Prediction: Monarchs Win, 17-10.



Cardinals (11-5) @ Cowboys (11-5)

I gotta say. I really like this Cardinals QB, Dylan Thompson. This is important to me. 33 TD’s and 10 INT’s? My guy. Low turnover football.

Let’s investigate further, starting in Dallas.

Dak has 31 TD’s and 27 INT’s. I hate this. Jay Cutler, his backup, somehow stepped in and went 15 for 19 for 5 TD’s this season. So, maybe he should be the starter?

Zeke has 1,600 and 14 TD’s, I love this. I’m gonna advise Dallas to keep the rock on the ground, because 27 INT’s is very close to that 32 to 33 range. The Dallas defense is not too impressive, but let’s get straight to the key stat for this Dallas team. It’s time to expose. The Cowboys have 11 wins, 7 of them are from sims.

The Cowboys record of PLAYED GAMES, IS 4-4.

The Cardinals have a similar issue with 8 wins that are sims. Their record of PLAYED GAMES, IS 3-5.

So, while hiding behind 11-5 records is what seems to be two very average users who ended up with the same playoff record. And at the end of the day, I believe that the run game will reign supreme. As much as I love Dylan Thompson’s numbers, they belong to Dylan Thompson, and not to Neo.

Key Stat for Cardinals: Dylan Thompson surely is talented, and at least a small amount of his success is attributed to the user.

Key Stat for Cowboys: Zeke’s 1,600 is important, because even if neither user is ready to pass, the Cowboys O Line and Zeke will always be a force for years to come.

Prediction: Cowboys Win, 27-24.

Those With The Bye



Texans (14-2): Ah, the prodigal user returns. Mole came back and inherited a really, really good team, with an already winning record. Some may not know, because this spot was given to him, but he would have been a playoff team in the AFC regardless from his presence alone. Luckily for him, in The Longest Yard, the commissioners allowed custom playbooks, so he is even more so in his comfort zone. Now, let’s talk numbers. Two quarterbacks are splitting the majority of the reps here, Nick Foles with a 12/9 TD/INT ratio, and Jarrett Connolly with 8/5. It’s safe to say that the ball is not getting much protection from these guys, but a really consistent ground game is in order to make sue of it. Combined, the QB situation is at 20 TD’s and 14 INT’s, which is acceptable considering we have 1,300 yards from Lamar Miller and 15 TD’s. It is a sad shame looking at the receiving numbers, though. Because from what I would consider the best WR core in the league, we have Nuk Hopkins with 1,003 yards and really, that’s it. Will Fuller and Braxton Miller both have over  700, but in reality, this offense has the potential to have 3 1,000 yard receivers and a 1,000 yard RB. The Texans strongest suit was always their defense, however. JJ Watt with 17 sacks, and Clowney with 10.5, goes to show just how much. The best tool to focus on Mole’s playoff hops will be his game against Tripp’s Jets, which Mole won 23-22 by scoring 10 in the 4th Quarter and keeping his bragging rights. Malik Hooker had 2 INT’s in that game, and Houston didn’t have any turnovers through the air. To have 2 INT’s and only win by 1 is not a good look, so if there is a rematch and the Jets protect the football, lookout for Mole’s adjustment. Or his exit.

Jets (13-3):  Tripp!! How did you slip in that game? You know if you won I would’ve been on here poppin all the way off man. You let me down. But the Jets are pushing 13-3 which is one of your better seasons if I remember correctly. While the record is good there is more than enough things about this Jets team that put you out of character. I’m looking at Jake Coker and his 27 TD’s to 27 INT’s. Usually you protect the football better than that. Even if the ratio is ball, the ball distribution in New York is top tier, even without a 1,000 yard target. You have 4 guys over 700 yards, and that tells me that you’re dropping back and throwing to who is OPEN. That’s a big difference from having a cash play and throwing it to someone no matter what, because you know they’ll be open. Hence, a cash play. I appreciate this kind of football on offense, but god damn, 27 INT’s it’s no way I can really make you my favorite for a post season run and a Super Bowl. Some of us are capable of locking in during the playoffs though, and over performing. Although you did get your ring in Madden 17, your playoff showings are still spotty otherwise.  You passed the bump though, so now you get some clout. Tripp is still my AFC favorite.



Seahawks (15-1): You know I’m bout to get at you right Hack? Russ has 29 INT’s. While passing has never been his strong suit, he has a few key things going on in this offense that allow it to be better than it should be. There’s really only 1 WR that an opponent has to concern themselves with: Trevor Davis. He has 1,900 yards, 21 TD’s, and 94 SPD. The second best WR is Phillip Dorsett, who has 874 yards, 7 TD’s, and 96 Speed. The third best WR, is also his RB. This is where it gets interesting, since Keith Marshall has 97 SPD. I’m seeing a trend between this team and the Vikings, and that’s max coverage on defense, and throwing bombs to these speed demons. It’s worth noting that Marshall also has 2,258 yards rushing, and averages 141 on the ground. Even given the dominant speed, it takes effort and play calling skill to attack the ground in such a dominant manner. With 36 rushing TD’s it’s easy to imagine Marshall peeling with pure speed to the sideline and taking off, but you’d think someone would get the drop on his ass by now. I don’t care what you do on offense Hack, especially if you need these kinds of players to put up numbers. TRENT LOOKER HAS 15 INT’S THOUGH AND THOSE ARE ALL USERS BY HACK AND THIS SHOULD BE COMMENDED. Hack doesn’t get enough credit for his user skills and he needs to. Frank Clark is a top tier pass rusher, with 21.5 sacks. This defense flies around the field, and Hacks user skills lock down the first 15-20 yards in the middle of the field with Looker. I think because of Marshall in the backfield, and the difficulty to score on this defense, we will see Hack going to the Super Bowl.


Falcons (14-2): These Falcons are not to be slept on. They check all the boxes. Matt Ryan has a decent ratio, throwing at a 40/22 clip. There’s no 1,000 yard rusher, but Tevin Coleman can get it done on any day with enough touches, and i believe that this offense is just pass heavy, and not RB weak. TY Hilton is playing to par, while Julio is criminally underused, with only 1,190 yards. Julio does have 17 touchdowns though! Defensively this is another team that can stop the run with 8 in coverage, especially due to Jonathan Allen reeking havoc on the offensive lines. Look out for a Cover 3 Mable look that only rushes 3 from him. Pro Tip: Flood the side of the field that doesn’t have the Mable. Another Pro Tip: Learn how to identify the side without the Mable. I think the NFC Championship game is going to be locked between these Falcons and the Seahawks, and it’s a toss up as to who will win. The safest pick is the Falcons, but some of the numbers that the Seahawks have put up are hard to debate with, and the Falcons defense may not be able to match up with the Seahawks offensive speed.

Super Bowl Prediction:

Seahawks 20 vs Jets 16

Everybody, thank you for taking the time out and reading the Playoff Preview. The games will begin tonight LIVE on Twitch. Follow @JabboLabs on all Social Medias to find more Game Alerts, Giveaways, and all of the plans coming forward to this new Madden Season. A lot of announcements will be coming out soon, and trust me, you don’t want to miss anything. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought about the Playoff Preview. In the meantime, check out the STORE and grab yourself a T Shirt for Madden 18 Release night.

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