Interview w/ D Stanton

Interview w/ D Stanton

Interviews are back!!! We talked to D Stanton today about a few things like Houston rap, the Chargers moving to LA, and Sean Hack. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for the next Interview.

Jab: So where you from? Surely not San Fran from the way you talk about them 9ers lol

Stanton: I’m from Houston Texas, but I’m not a 49er fan, or a Texans fan.

Jab: Who are you a fan of?

Stanton: I know they moved to LA but I will choose to say the San Diego Super Chargers.


Jab: Damn, so you must be hurt by the move to LA lol? I didn’t like it either. Or the Raiders to Vegas. I think shit is bad news for the sport.

Stanton: It’s a business unfortunately, but we tried as long as we could. The real fans lose out though, as well the city. Sports bring pride as well as revenue to cities. It’s also one of the last things we can all agree on as Americans.

Jab: I think LA might be a little packed now though with 2 teams. It is a big city, but since they are mostly Raider fans, I feel like it’s gonna be hard to get a switch from them. So look, I got a Houston question. You like Riff Raff? Cause I remember when Paul Wall and Mike Jones were the most popular rappers in the world. Now all I hear about is Riff Raff and Kirko Bangz every 5 years.

Stanton: I got alot of respect for Riff Raff. During my wanna be music days we used to run into him at Woodlands Mall and Greenspont. He would relentlessly push his music to who ever, even when security would escort him out. He would return right back. I told people he would make it back then. I respect him, cause I seen him come from the bottom.

Jab: I didn’t expect him to really be respected in Houston, but I’m from Jersey, so I was guessing. I thought Houston culture might take issue with him. He does have a couple tracks that I like tho, especially the joint with Mac Miller. How long you been playing Madden?

Stanton: On and off I’ve been playing Madden for 11 years, but I’m starting to take it serious now.

Jab: The Madden community is growing, and there’s a lot of money in it for the right people. Tell me about your 49ers team.

Stanton: DISCLAMER, I only picked them because I thought it would be a fun team to rebuild. It took about three seasons but this should be our best lol.

Jab: Yeah and it looks like this is the last one til 18, I hope you stick around. What’s been the biggest problem with the 9ers so far?

Stanton: it’s very hard to move the ball. The only person who can be a game changer is Carlos Hyde, but he can’t carry the whole team on his back. It was pretty bad.

Jab: Do you have a rivalry with anyone in the league so far? Anybody who has a target on them for you?

Stanton: Well obviously one of them is Sean Hack (Seahawks), he’s the best right now off a Super Bowl winning season. Plus he is a division rival. Plus he bring out those competitive juices. After five games I can finally hang with him, he puts a lot pressure on you defensively to play smart.

Jab: He has a really fast team and he’s a great defensive user. You really have to win the turnover battle with him. Do you play any other games besides Madden?

Stanton: A lil bit of 2k Basketball, Battlefield Series, and good old fashion chess .

Jab: That’s wassup, I put a battlefield clip on the JabboLabs Instagram about a week ago. Aight man, so you gonna be back for Madden 18 with a new squad hopefully?

Stanton: That’s cool I will most definitely be back in Madden 18 Jabbo, hopefully with another team haha. Hopefully the San Fran experiment is over with, but no offense to any 49ers out there.

Jab: Lmao aight cool. Thanks for talking to us a little bit today bro I appreciate it.



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