The Trenches Year 1 Offseason Schedule

The Trenches Year 1 Offseason Schedule

The following will be the Offseason Schedule for Move The Sticks after Season 1.

The Resign Period will be granted for about 24 hours. It is currently active.

 Resign Period Ends* – 10/23 10pm EST

Free Agency Stage 1 will be 24 hours so all users have a day to put their bids in.

 Stage 1** Free Agency – 10/23 10pm EST to 10/24 10pm EST

Stage 2*** Free Agency (Scouting with Combine) – 10/25 7pm EST

Stage 2 of Free Agency is the Stage that allows you to see the Combine numbers.  We will advance to Stage 2, 2 hours before the draft. Stage 3 will come after an hour, and stage 4 after another half hour, leading up to the draft.

Stage 3**** Free Agency (Scouting with Combine) – 10/25 8pm EST

Stage 4***** Scouting with Combine – 10/25 8:30pm EST

 Stage 5 Draft****** – 10/25 9pm EST


Draft Procedure

Rounds 1-3: Full Time given.

Rounds 4 & 5: Picks are subject to be simulated after 1 minute.

Rounds 6 & 7: Picks are subject to be simulated after 30 seconds.

In Draft Procedure: First, if you are NOT DRAFTING, please let a commissioner know, so we can skip your picks instead of waiting.

Trading during the draft causes problems with the draft clock for the users trading. We will ONLY pause the clock so a trade can be completed, not because you are late for your pick.

If the draft freezes for you, or your game crashes, we will pause the clock so you can get back online and make your pick. If that happens, we will need a picture of the error message on-screen showing the crash. Your commissioners will ask for the picture after the draft ends, as too much will be happening during the draft for that. If the photo can’t be provided the user is subject to suspension.

Unfortunately, the chat will be going crazy, and there is no guarantee that your request will be seen and considered by the time your 1:30 runs out, so do your best to tag all commissioners and we will get to it as fast as possible.

Whoever is running the draft (most likely Jabbo) will be monitoring the clock, the chat, their messages, and trying to have a good draft themselves all at the same time, plus whatever else is happening around their actual home, so please be mindful of that when trying to get the Commissioners attention. Thank You.

Stage 6******* Draft Recap / Adjust Roster – Immediately after the Draft ends until 10/26 9pm EST.  

We will advance through Preseason with 24 hour advances. Each week we will be testing different Game Modes and Skill Levels. 

Preseason Week 1 – 10/26 9:00pm EST

Preseason Week 2 – 10/27 9:00pm EST

Preseason Week 3 – 10/28 9:00pm EST

Preseason Week 4 – 10/29 9:00pm EST


Regular Season Week 1 – 10/30 10pm EST, Advance to Week 2 11/01 10pm EST

If there are any questions that are NOT answered in this document, please ask your Commissioners.

*-The asterisks next to certain Stages are the visual icon on the CFM Timeline. There are 7 Dots. The asterisk marks which dot we are at, because the CFM Menu sometimes stays locked into the previous week after an advance.

If you are in Trenches, and Move The Sticks, you will be using the same offseason schedule with different dates. Those Off-Seasons should be set to begin very soon also.

Document Last Updated 10/21/2017, 7:26pm EST

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