Move The Sticks Roster Adjustment

Move The Sticks Roster Adjustment

Roster Adjustment

If you read the rules, then you read about the Roster Adjustment. This allows users to make a case for 2 players who played above their given rating, using stats and fair football reasoning to prove this case. Submissions through DM to commissioners will NOT be reviewed. All cases for player ratings need to be submitted HERE in a comment. I will submit my argument for my players here as a sample for everybody to follow. All submissions MUST HAVE your Name, Team, and your Players FULL NAME, and Position. You must also put the stats related to the adjustment in your submission, because the commissioners are not going to look up stats and do the work for you.

The lower rating your player is, the higher his chance of a ratings change. That means if you submit a 93 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level, he will not be increased. If you submit a 73 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level – or even at a starter level, he has a much higher chance at increase, and for a higher increase.

Age will also play a factor. A 30 year old player who is an 80 Overall will not see a big rating increase, if any at all. However, you can submit an older player to try and negate his regression. So, if you have Aaron Rodgers and his THP went down 2 points, you can use this to get those 2 points back – and as long as he performed at a fair level, you will be awarded those points.

Everybody has the chance to submit two players. If one (or both) of your players are denied for any reason, then you have the chance to submit one more player.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me (Jabbo), or Chandler.

Again, your submission must be posted in the comments below THIS article. I will submit my player adjustment as the example and you can follow that example below to submit yours.

The last day to submit a player is after the Advance to Week 3 of the Regular Season. No players submitted after the advance to the regular season will be edited.

Thank you to everybody for participating.

12 thoughts on “Move The Sticks Roster Adjustment

  1. 1. WR Golden Tate – Had 1,300 yards and 17 TDs last season in the #1 Offense. Asking to get his regression offset. +2 in ACC, INJ, JMP, AGI, STA, ELU, BCV, RTE, RLS, CIT, CTH,

    2. QB Matt Stafford – 2x MVP and led #1 offense 2 years in a row. Has regressed due to age 31, Asking for +2 in THP, SPD, AGI, ACC, STA.

  2. Bryant houghton had over 4,000 yds passing 43 tds with only 11 ints as well as 340 on the ground and another two tds as a rookie just would like his dev to be made to quick

    Deion jones due to some weird glitch recieved no xp after being lb of the year an pro bowler with 90 tackles 12 picks! An two sacks would like a boost to hit power an ss dev

  3. 1. Erick Decker WR- had 79 Rec for 927 and 4td, old man is still producing and regressed 2 in Carry, Elusiveness, Release, spec catch, route running, stamina, catch, catch in traffic, jump, agility, acceleration and awareness. I would like those to be offset

    2. LB Sean Lee- old man lee is still all over the field, leading the team in tackle last season with a total of 116(89 solo), 5 tfl, 1.5 sacks, 2 int, 9 def and a FF. I would like his regression offset which was -2 to ManCov, strength, block shed, hit power, Zone, pursuit, stamina, awr, playrec, tackle, spd, agi, acl

  4. Demarco Jean Francois HB went to the Barry Sanders Football slippery when wet football camp. As a rookie he tried to carry the team on his back boasting 1153yrds last season with 6.5 yards on avg lending to 13 touchdowns. He has went to the camp and been working out in offseason an increase to awareness speed accel spin and juke move as well as elusiveness and a trait increase.

    Forbes Wr led the team in receptions, punt and kick return yards he worked his ass off trying to lead a flawed air attack. In the Air he was the WR the q.v. looked to to put points on the board. Avg gain per reception was 28.4 yards while boast nearly 470 kick return yards on 18 kick returns. He went to the Michael Irvin spin on a dime not a dime bag school for receiving last offseason and has increased in route running awareness catching spec catch and release. He too would benefit from a trait increase.

  5. Hb Corey Grant – 65 attempts, 726 yards, 11.2 yards per carry, 13 tds only playing 4 games got hurt
    all i ask for is a boost in toughness, spmv, elusiveness, stamina

    HB Leanord fornette 37 td 1700 yards broke a lot of tackles
    ask for boosts in accel, agility and elusiveness

  6. LT DeAndre Gillespie

    As a Rookie, DeAndre Gillespie stepped into the fire being QB Spencer Erickson’s blindside protector… How did he respond? Spencer Erickson attempted 427 passes last season.. Gillespie started every game and only gave up 3 sacks the entire season.

    Asking for boosts to his development trait (normal to quick), his Awareness (which is under 80), and his Pass blocking (which is under 80)

    RE Kony Ealy was signed in Free Agency to replace the beloved Muhammad Wilkerson… Kony Ealy responded with 68 tackles, 14 sacks, and a forced fumble.

    asking for a bump to his development trait (normal to quick), his Tackle (which is under 80), his Block Shedding (which is under 80) and his finese move (which is under 70)

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