In The Trenches Offseason Schedule

In The Trenches Offseason Schedule

The following will be the Offseason Schedule for In The Trenches after Season 2.

Stage 1** Free Agency – Until 12/12 7pm EST

Stage 2*** Free Agency (Scouting with Combine) – Until 12/12 8pm EST

Stage 2 of Free Agency is the Stage that allows you to see the Combine numbers.  We will advance to Stage 2, 1 hour before the draft.

Stage 3**** Free Agency (Scouting with Combine) – Until 12/12 8:30 EST

Stage 4***** Scouting with Combine – Until 12/12 9pm EST

 Stage 5 Draft****** – 12/12 9pm EST


Draft Procedure

Rounds 1-3: Full Time given.

Rounds 4 & 5: Picks are subject to be simulated after 1 minute.

Rounds 6 & 7: Picks are subject to be simulated after 30 seconds.

In Draft Procedure: First, if you are NOT DRAFTING, please let a commissioner know, so we can skip your picks instead of waiting.

Trading during the draft causes problems with the draft clock for the users trading. We will ONLY pause the clock so a trade can be completed, not because you are late for your pick.

If the draft freezes for you, or your game crashes, we will pause the clock so you can get back online and make your pick. If that happens, we will need a picture of the error message on-screen showing the crash. Your commissioners will ask for the picture after the draft ends, as too much will be happening during the draft for that. If the photo can’t be provided the user is subject to suspension.

Unfortunately, the chat will be going crazy, and there is no guarantee that your request will be seen and considered by the time your 1:30 runs out, so do your best to tag all commissioners and we will get to it as fast as possible.

Whoever is running the draft (most likely Jabbo) will be monitoring the clock, the chat, their messages, and trying to have a good draft themselves all at the same time, plus whatever else is happening around their actual home, so please be mindful of that when trying to get the Commissioners attention. Thank You.

Stage 6******* Draft Recap / Adjust Roster – Immediately after the Draft ends until 12/13 9pm EST.  

Roster Adjustment

Lastly, if you read the rules, then you read about the Roster Adjustment. This allows users to make a case for 2 players who played above their given rating, using stats and fair football reasoning to prove this case. Submissions through DM to commissioners will NOT be reviewed. All cases for player ratings need to be submitted HERE in a comment. I will submit my argument for my players here as a sample for everybody to follow. All submissions MUST HAVE your Name, Team, and your Players FULL NAME, and Position. You must also put the stats related to the adjustment in your submission, because the commissioners are not going to look up stats and do the work for you.

The lower rating your player is, the higher his chance of a ratings change. That means if you submit a 93 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level, he will not be increased. If you submit a 73 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level – or even at a starter level, he has a much higher chance at increase, and for a higher increase.

Age will also play a factor. A 30 year old player who is an 80 Overall will not see a big rating increase, if any at all. However, you can submit an older player to try and negate his regression. So, if you have Aaron Rodgers and his THP went down 2 points, you can use this to get those 2 points back – and as long as he performed at a fair level, you will be awarded those points.

Everybody has the chance to submit two players. If one (or both) of your players are denied for any reason, then you have the chance to submit one more player.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me (Jabbo), or Tone.

Again, your submission must be posted in the comments below THIS article. I will submit my player adjustment as the example and you can follow that example below to submit yours.

The last day to submit a player is after the Advance to the Regular Season. No players submitted after the advance to the regular season will be edited.

Thank you to everybody for participating.

12 thoughts on “In The Trenches Offseason Schedule

  1. 1. FS Tyronne Hughes – Has slow development. In his rookie year, had 62 tackles and 5 Turnovers (while Chris Harris and Aqib Talib combined for 17 INTs), and anchored the back end of the #2 Defense last season. Asking for his slow development to be moved to Normal or Quick Development.

    2. TE A.J. Derby – Posted a 10 TD Season last year and emerged as TE1 after starting as #2 on the depth chart, and a huge threat in the red zone for the #1 Pass Offense. Asking for a boost in Spec Catch, Route Running, and Awareness.

  2. Armadillos

    1. Griffin Hudson a 34 OLB rookie coverted to defensive end made an impact rushing the passer with 10 sacks. He is slow dev, I ask he be put to normal.

    2. Antoine Harvin, a rookie gaurd who came in and played immediately and started. Opened holes for the NFC OROY and for a team that totaled 3556 yards passing and 31tds. Rushing totals were 1996 yards and 21tds. Over almost 900 snaps he gave up 0 sacks. Asking for development upgrade or at the very least an upgrade in awr and pass block.

    1. Wr v.j mills produced a nice year as my wr3. He had 40 catches 713 yards and 9 tds. Also scored a td in the playoffs.

      Hb Ameer Abdullah rushed for 1,052 yards and 8 tds and added 301 yards and 2 tds receiving. He missed nearly 4 games with injury. Dev upgrad

  3. 1. Eric Weddle who found the fountain of youth had arguably his best season of his career. Eric weddle forced the most turnovers (10) which was ranked the highest out of all the FS. He was 3rd in team tackles and helped the ravens keep their identity, ranking 2nd overall in rushing defense. Weddle Had a minus 26 Reg at the end of the season. -2Press, STR, HP,MC, Pursuit, ZC, STA, ACC, TKL, AGI, SPD, JMP. Asking for the regression to be reveresed.

    2. (Rookie )Perry Bernard RG. Bernard had a huge impact on why Kennith Dixon broke the all time rushing record. In his first start he helped the ravens rush for 270+ yards. Week 2 was rough as he got injured after only 6 snaps. He missed 3 games and the during that span the ravens avegred 30 yards less in rushing, making his absence known. Requesting a increase in development.

  4. Aftershocks

    FS Goodwin made an immediate impact on our defense as a rookie. He was 2nd in the team in tackles with 75 and made many impact plays to help our defense lead the league in takeaways. During the regular season, he recorded 6 INTs which was tied for 3rd of all safeties in the league and returned 2 of those for six. In the Post season, Goodwin was a stud, recording 6 more INTs and 2 more returned for touchdowns. I am requesting Goodwin gets Normal Dev Trait and Clutch Trait.

    SS Bernard was another rookie in the league’s best secondary full of rookies. Bernard led All Strong Safeties with 9 INTs and returned 2 for six. Bernard was third on the team in tackles with 73 and forced 2 fumbles. In the post season, Bernard was a playmaker recording 4INTs and returning 3 for Six. I am requesting Quick Dev Trait for Bernard.

  5. TJ Yeldon, 24

    should at least have the SS trait as well as being at least a 90 overall. Was 4th in the league in rushing with 1858 yards and he broke the TD record with 32 total TDs

    Zack Brown, 28

    Fourth in amongst MLBs with 8 ints. Had 100 tackles, 20 of those were for TFL. Asking for a catching boost as well as Quick development

  6. QB Kasey Kasay

    Rookie QB Kasey Kasay came into last season with a lotta pressure on him in his first year.. and while it didn’t come without its bruises Struggling with a poor offensive line, and some poor decision making Kasey saw struggles and was sacked 43 times, and threw 32 interceptions. However, showing the gritt necessary to be a starter in the NFL, Kasey finished the year with 4,798 passing yards and 36 touchdowns, a completion percentage of 63%. and a QB rating of 93.7 Kasey was blessed to be named Offensive ROY

    Asking for a bump in his development trait from normal, to quick as Kasey has displayed he is a future star in this league and did not peak in College like many scouts thought.

    On the defensive side, SS Reshad Jones, Was Captain for a defense full of young and inexperienced players. at 31 years old, Reshad was the oldest player on the defense last year. despite this, Reshad Finished the season as the teams leader in Interceptions with 7, (taking 1 interception to the house), 6 pass deflections, 1 FF, 2.5 sacks and 53 tackles. Reshad saw regression in pursuit (-1), Hit Power (-2), Stamina (-2), Speed (-2), Acceleration (-2) injury (-2) Agility (-2) jumping (-2) and Tackle (-2)

    We believe Reshad proved he still has gas left in the tank and are asking that he gets some of the points he lost back, specifically in speed, acceleration, stamina, and hit power.

  7. I would like to have ROLB A. Anzalone be considered for Quick Trait upgrade or SS due to the fact that he took over at mid season starter role duty and managed to rack up 10.5 sacks along with 31 tackles

  8. My 2nd player I would like strong consideration for is QB Jeffries to be considered on raising his THP from 92 to 95. As a rookie he passed for the most yards in the league with 5,277 and 37 TD’s.

  9. RG- Kurt Burt: in 944 downs played last year as a rookie only allowed 2 sacks. Looking for an upgrade in the three blocking categories and an increase to quick trait
    C- James Stone: in 944 snaps he did not allow an opposing defender to get a sack on him. Looking for an increase in strength and all three blocking categories as well as quick trait or maybe SS trait as well

  10. Antoine culpepper MLB as a rookie had 56 tackles 9 for a loss 7 sacks 4 picks 2ff an 2tds would like improved tackle blockshed an quick dev
    Also as a rookie oristes McClendon had57 tackles outta the nickle position with 6 for a loss 5 sacks 2 picks 2 ff an 2frec an a td would like quick dev

  11. Marcus mariota had the highest qb rating of his career at 103.8 with most total yards an tds of his career with 33td as well an almost 4,000 yds would like an increase in dev to ss an throw power boost

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