The Chronic Roster Adjustment

The Chronic Roster Adjustment

Roster Adjustment

If you read the rules, then you read about the Roster Adjustment. This allows users to make a case for 2 players who played above their given rating (after the latest XP has been applied), using stats and fair football reasoning to prove this case. Submissions through DM to commissioners will NOT be reviewed. All cases for player ratings need to be submitted HERE in a comment. I will submit my argument for my players here as a sample for everybody to follow. All submissions MUST HAVE your Name, Team, and your Players FULL NAME, and Position. You must also put the stats related to the adjustment in your submission, because the commissioners are not going to look up stats and do the work for you.

The lower rating your player is, the higher his chance of a ratings change. That means if you submit a 93 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level, he will not be increased. If you submit a 73 Overall player, who is playing at a Pro Bowl Level – or even at a starter level, he has a much higher chance at increase, and for a higher increase.

Age will also play a factor. A 30 year old player who is an 80 Overall will not see a big rating increase, if any at all. However, you can submit an older player to try and negate his regression. So, if you have Aaron Rodgers and his THP went down 2 points, you can use this to get those 2 points back – and as long as he performed at a fair level, you will be awarded those points.

Everybody has the chance to submit two players. If one (or both) of your players are denied for any reason, then you have the chance to submit one more player.

If you have any questions, please direct them to me (Jabbo), or Tone.

Again, your submission must be posted in the comments below THIS article. I will submit my player adjustment as the example and you can follow that example below to submit yours.

The last day to submit a player is after the Advance to Week 5 of the Regular Season. No players submitted after the advance to the regular season will be edited.

Thank you to everybody for participating.

10 thoughts on “The Chronic Roster Adjustment

  1. 1. Darryl Roberts (CB, 77 OVR) – Roberts posted 6 INTs and 1 TD last season, and he had 0 INT’s before last season with the Jets. He also scored 1 defensive touchdown. Currently, MCV is at 78, ZCV is at 77, and AWR & PRC are at 70. Asking for MCV and ZCV to get pushed up 3 points each, and AWR and PRC get pushed up to 75.

    2. Dylan Cole (MLB, 74 OVR) – Cole is an undrafted rookie who started at MLB, with 4 INT’s and 2 FF’s in only 9 games last season. Cole had more than a 50% chance of creating a turnover in games he started. His. PRC and AWR sit at 74 & 75, while his block shed is 73. Asking for an increase in these three ratings to 80 each.


    3. Quincy Enunwa (WR, 80 OVR) – Enunwa got over 1,000 yards receiving & 5 TD’s after Swag Kelly took over the QB job. Right now his Route Running is 82, and Catching is 83. With his performance from the slow, I’m asking for an increase in Route Running to 86, and Catching to 87.

  2. 1. CB Trae Waynes (81 OVR) – Played at a Pro Bowl level leading one of the league’s top defenses with 9 interceptions (1 TD) and added 11 pass breakups. Played well in run support as well with a respectable 50 tackles and tallied 1 sack. Requesting an increase to MCV, ZCV, AWR, and PRC. Current ratings are 80 MCV, 82 ZCV, 77 AWR, and 77 PRC. Asking for MCV and ZCV to bump up to 85 and AWR and PRC to bump up to 80.

    2. LE Danielle Hunter (89 OVR) – Was a force to be reckoned with on my D-line. Posted 17.5 sacks, 55 tackels, 12 TFL, 3 FF and added a blocked kick. Did not make the Pro Bowl so I am asking for a Dev increase to Superstar (he is already Quick) and minor bump in AWR and PRC to 80 each (they are both at 78 currently).


    3. LG Jason King (77 OVR) – Helped pave the way for the league’s runner up for the rushing title. Only gave up two sacks playing every game in its entirety. Requesting an increase of +3 to PBK, RBK, IBK, and AWR.

  3. DE Emmanuel Ogbah: 76 tackles, 19tfl and 20.5 missed out on end of the year awards with great numbers. Looking for quick dev for 20 sack season for a young 80 ovr player.

    TE David Njoku: lead most recieving categories for TEs in the AFC with 57 catches for 867 yards and 7tds and did receive proper xp and was snubbed from a pro bowl. Njuko proved he can be a factor in the pass game. Asking for improvement in route running and awareness.

    DT Larry Ogunjobi: 12 TFl, 10.5 sacks
    Asking for power move increase

  4. 1. Malik McDowell (DT 83 OVR) – Malik came in as a rookie and contributed right away after being traded. He was second on the team in sacks to Gerald McCoy with 10 and lead the team in TFL with 8. Malik also had over 40 tackles. Asking for PMV increase of +7 and +4 PRC

    2. DeMarcus Walker (DT 75 OVR) – DeMarcus was acquired mid-season and has not played a down for his previous team. He contributed right away and wasted no time showing the rookie belonged. In less than half a season, DeMarcus posted 9 sacks and almost 30 tackles (1 TFL). I’m asking for +7 FMV and +3 Tackle or Quick Dev.

    * Alternate – Shaquill Griffin (CB 82 OVR) – Shaquill was a pivotal piece of our top pass defense. He had 12 Pass deflections to go with 4 INTs. Shaq also was not afraid to get involved in run defense, posting 44 TKLs and 1 TFL. Shaq led all defensive players in solo tackles with 29, except for Myles Jack. Asking for Quick Dev or + 8 MCV

  5. Jimmy smith: Jimmy had one hell of a season with 17 pass deflections which is 3rd in the league, however unlike the two above him, he didn’t allow double digit catches. Smith only allowed 3 catches all season with 6 interceptions and has 2 force fumbles. Asking for all attributes that were regressed to be reversed due to getting older (-2 press,-2 injury,-2 tackle, -2 agility, -2 Acc -2 jumping

    Eric Weddle: This man had one hell of year. Weddle lead the league and broke the Interception record with 13, went to the probowl, and won DB of the year. And to add to his impressive resume the man also deflected 10 passes and had total of 57 tackles. This man must have some secret formula playing at this level at age 33. Asking for all attributes to be reversed, he got a minus 2 on just about everything. Press, MCV,ZCV, hit pwr, Acc, play rec, tackle, injury, stamina, agility, speed , jumping

  6. Dublin shamrocks(aka Steelers) Bud Dupree(0lb) – bud Dupree ended the season with 69 tackles(42 solo), 9 tfl and 11.5 sacks, 1 ff and 2 recovers. Bud was all over the field last season in Pittsburgh, starting with only a 79 rating and he played way above it. His speed around the edge was a major key to stopping outside runs and setting the edge on QB looking for a escape the pocket. I believe that bud should have better finesse moves(his is 71) and better power moved(76).

    James Conner(rb) – I think James stats as a back up should speak for its self. James had 62 att, and ended the season with 402 yards rushing, 6.5 yards per carry and 7tds, 17 Catches for 125 and a td. James spell Bell all season up until we 12 when bell went down with a injury for 3 weeks. James came in and picked up where bell left off and dominated in the ground to keep the Steelers offensive afloat and helped them make the offs. I think Conner should have better trucking and stuff arm

  7. Jordan Evans of cincy as a rookie starter at linebacker stayed in passing lanes an making plays with 7 ints over 70 tackles an two sacks he mad a major impact for his defense with no awards recognition looking for boosts in zone coverage block shed an tackling

    Carl Lawson as a rookie edge rusher posted 16.5 sacks 12 tackles for a loss an even had an int asking for quick dev along with power moves boost

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