About Us

At JabboLabs, we stand on a platform built by a true love for gaming and the community it accompanies. We exist because we observed such a scattered network of gamers, who had no true home, and no true identifiable community to call their own. We know we have created that home. JabboLabs is a place where gamers can come to compete, socialize, and even receive benefits for their loyalty to what we have created from the ground up. The headquarters to this entire operation can be found in New Jersey, but it is pushed forward by people all over the United States, and some even International.

If you haven’t looked around this website yet, let me tell you what you’ll find after doing so. You’ll see our Home Page first, which has fast-click navigation to other places on the site, a live twitch Stream from our Admin (Jabbo), and a countdown to the latest games that we will be hosting here! Keep scrolling down and you’ll see updated video content from our very active league members. Next, you’ll find JabboLabs Sunday Ticket, which is a full index of live streams from all our Madden Leagues. Each League member has their own stream, and they are separated by team and division. This way, you can always find out if a League Member is playing or not. The Leagues tab is our deepest and most engulfing page. Here you will all the gaming leagues we have currently, and all the related content. That means you’ll find Power Rankings, User Interviews, Trade Deadline Articles, and much more. As of today, we support Madden, FIFA, and NBA2K. But please don’t worry, there is a lot more to come. This aspect of JabboLabs is why we’re all here. The Leagues will pull you into a great experience and you won’t ever want to play sports video games without them. The Membership Program is next. This is a monthly subscription that allows you, the supporters, to receive a gift every month from us. It is not mass produced and it’s all made just for you. You pay an inexpensive monthly fee, and you receive a gift box each month with your subscription. The items in the box will be custom made based on that specific individual’s preferences. This can be anything from simple clothing up to controller skins.

Building off of Madden, our goal is to eventually make a comfortable yet competitive environment, for gamers of any genre. We move forward with the belief that our users will value just how much we value them. Here, we invest in our gamers and their personal endeavors, doing what we can to help them reach their goals. Through our membership programs, we give back to them as much as they give to us, and it will always be that way here. This is the true meaning of a community. Welcome to JabboLabs.