Hall Of Champions

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Welcome to the Hall Of Champions

Brandon Bowser Gonzalez 

You probably know him as Bowser, but he was the most prominent champion of the Madden 17 era. He showed true growth from last year to this year, proving himself to be an efficient passer, and an above average defensive user. With the strength of his game being his play calling surprise and his ability to generate a pass rush, he found a recipe for success that worked often after stronger and weaker fields of competition. After the critiques from myself and others about his flaws, he hit the lab and became a well-rounded champion, and he did it 5 times. Adjusting is everything in football, and nobody adjusted better than Bowser. It’s a hard accomplishment to answer to our critiques as a group, and that’s something you did. I saw promise in you from the time you joined the Leagues to play with us. I put you at 11 in the Power Rankings before you played a game, and *some people* had a problem with it. Look at them now, and look at you now. Congratulations, Bowser.

Sean Hack

Hack managed to make Madden his own special form of football. He plays it like it’s NFL Street, and most of us could never think to have the same success. A quick user who always finds a quick team, offensively Hack can buy himself time to let the defense fall apart, and that’s when is at his best. On defense, a natural ballhawk. He is always making plays against the run and the pass, and is putting up DB Interceptions numbers with linebackers on a regular basis. The defense being his stronger side of the ball, he’s proficient enough to clean up the mistakes the offense makes with his Run & Gun style. Of everything else, one thing that must be mentioned, is that Hack’s game has elevated in the toughest moments. His 2nd Super Bowl came on last second heroics, and it wasn’t luck. He played great, against a great user. I have grown to respect Hack’s game, and he is too talented to deny a spot with the elites. The consistency is overwhelming. Welcome to the Hall, Hack.


Tripp, the Master of Disguise, turned himself in to something we all said he couldn’t be. A champion. Until now, Tripp always fell in the playoffs, and we would always be critical of him to do better, and fight forward to get himself that ring. I mean, you can’t be elite without it, right? Tripp answered, twice. Having an efficient offensive game that limits turnovers, it helps him avoid all of the users in the league who are pure sharks over the middle. Tripp for years has shown us a keen ability to make adjustments on defense and hide them against even our brightest offensive minds. His natural 2-High Safety look, while stopping the run, combined with a disruptive stick as a user, has allowed him to move into the top tier. Personally, you know in my book you’ve always had the talent because of our wars. Now you can tell that to everybody else, too. Congratulations, Tripp.

Jayme Pun Fuentes

Pun is a Madden OG, and he has seen and overcome a problem that we already discussed other users having. He overcame the Super Bowl curse that Tripp had to fight past. When I mentioned users who are sharks earlier, Pun is for sure one of them. He has mastered the art of separation. Just enough to make you think you can fit the pass in, when you really can’t, a skill that only a handful who shall remain nameless at this time, have mastered. He has managed to become such a force that whoever his MLB is, as long as they can move with his reactions, will become an elite player in the league. His offensive struggles only come to light when the team isn’t winning, but his defense is special, and his user skills could contend for the best in the league. I also feel like the GM skill that Pun has needs to be mentioned. Two things stand out, first, Pun always fights to get his Jaguars no matter how dysfunctional the team is. And second, he always finds a way to get the pieces needed to be successful in his style of play. He’s always showed passion for Madden, for getting better, and for honing his game to one up the competition. This is well deserved. Welcome to the Hall, Pun.


My philosophies about football and Madden have led to me being one of the most consistent users, and the most talented offensive player in the league. An efficient attack through the air that always has a great turnover ratio, a run game that is balanced to take the pressure off, and a bend but don’t break defense that lets the opponent fall into traps. In the Madden vs Real Life contract, Madden stands out with Interceptions not being a very big deal, while in real life, not turning the ball over is the biggest deal in football. I pride myself on 45 TD / 12 INT seasons, while other 45 TD seasons come with 35 INT’s. That, to me, is the reason why I stand out from the pack, and why I am up here with these other users. The flexible defense is assisted by user skills that go beyond the first level. It helps me a ton to be able to play the LB’s and both Safeties at an elite level, and I think football IQ plays a big part in my success. To be able to drop back, read the defense, and adjust accordingly is too big of a deal to be overlooked. It’s a timeless art, and as long as that remains sharp, I expect myself to always be in the upper echelon. This is where you will always be able to find true football principles and strategies being executed at the highest level. Along with all of the aforementioned Champions, this is well deserved.




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