The Leagues are the heart and the soul of this brand. They are for almost every competitive multiplayer game available, and we encourage players from all platforms to come here to compete. We have Madden Leagues, where users will see a full 32-man Franchise, complete with team selection, player trades, postseason, and an offseason with free agency, scouting, and of course the NFL Draft.

The experience is very engaging, and with a light expectation of playing 1 game every 48 hours, you can play in these leagues while still balancing your real life efforts. The NBA2K League is the same way, with a very flexible schedule and new creative ideas and concepts coming each season. As NBA2K does not allow for a full Franchise mode, the Leagues are played season by season.

Our commissioners here for NBA2K have plenty planned and mapped out to introduce upon the lead up to the release of NBA2K. FIFA is also incoming just about a week after the release of NBA2K, so be on the lookout for the FIFA Leagues also. An announcement is coming very soon. There is no limit on how many leagues a user can play in, as many of our members frequent multiple leagues and multiple games. Please take a look around the site, and enjoy your experience with JabboLabs.