Madden 18 Rules

Commissioner Rules

1. In cash leagues, commissioners can not edit their own players. If you want to edit your own player’s equipment, number, or throwing motion, you must have another commissioner do it for you.

League Rules

1. No chewing/milking clock UNLESS:

  •  You are inside 2 minute warning.
  •  You are winning/losing by 30+.

2. Must Rush 3 Defenders AT ALL TIMES. Defenders in QB Spy DO NOT COUNT as a rusher. Defenders in QB Contain DO COUNT.

3. No Custom Playbooks.

4. No Glitches (Includes WR Motion Snap, NANO Blitzes, and all other published Madden Community Glitches). Users are allowed to Motion Snap on run plays only, and the motion player must be OUTSIDE of all players in a down stance on the line of scrimmage. For example, if you are in a formation with 2 TE’s at the end of the LOS, your motion player must be outside of the lineman and the TE’s.

5. Do not spam the same plays on offense, unless your opponent keeps calling the same defense forcing you to run a play that can beat it. (i.e, Running FB dive vs Quarters). This rule allows users to be free with their play calling, but we are trusting the users not to abuse it.

6. Each user has 1 Coaches Decision to go for it on 4th down at any point in the game. It can be a fake punt, it does not have be an offensive formation play. If you come out in an offensive formation, it counts as your coaches decision. If by chance you pick the wrong play instead of punting on 4th down, you must call a timeout and select a Punt, without faking the snap or any action that engages the defense. After you use your coaches decision, or if you choose not to use it, use the following guidelines on 4th down.


  • Down 17+ points.
  • Down 10+ points and in opponents territory.
  • Anytime within your opponents 2 yard line.
  • Losing in the 4th Qtr.

7. You can go for 2 instead of kicking the PAT whenever you want. The risk is yours to take.

8. You can not run fake punt after your coaches decision unless you are down 10+.

9. You can not use an Unnatural Play Call (QB Spike) to undo an Ice The Kicker situation. If your kicker is Iced, you can either: Call a Timeout, run a normal play, or kick the Field Goal with the ice.

10. You can only switch a players position ONE TIME per season. You can NOT switch a WR to TE or vice versa, a FS/SS/CB to LB. If you have a question about a position change, ask a commissioner before editing your player and receiving penalty. The FIRST penalty for this will be a 4 game suspension for the player in question, and 2 game suspension for the user.

11. When you are playing against the CPU, you must rest your starting roster after you are winning by 24 points or more.

12. When applying your XP to a player, you CAN NOT apply XP to his Speed. You can add to his agility, and his acceleration. You can not add XP to Speed.

13. No Quitting. You have to finish your games no matter how much you are losing by. The only appropriate time to quit, is when it has been established that the other user is doing something unsuitable with their play and a commissioner has approved it. Normally this can only be because of excessive lag or rule infractions. Quitting will result in an automatic boot from the league and you will not be eligible to return until the end of that season, pending commissioner review.

14. All Users must have the GroupMe app on their phone. This is our primary communication tool throughout the season. Twitter is our secondary communication tool. When communicating with other league members, there will be no disrespectful mention of another members family, spouse, or any unnecessary personal information being brought to light. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but normally will result in a suspension first, and a ban until the next Madden for a 2nd offense.

15. All users MUST Create an Owner upon entering the League. If you do not Create an Owner then you will be booted from the League. This is done so all owners start from an equal point, financially and with the benefits of established owners.

16. There will be no relocation of teams until a users 2nd year in the league. Once you have played for 1 full season, you can relocation your team. This is done because relocating puts a financial burden on the team and if a user chooses to leave, then the next man up should not have to deal with this. the 1 year period is used to show the users commitment to the league.

17. No Leagues are eligible to reboot until after Year 4. After the 4th season of any league, a vote can be had for a reboot. Until the close of the 4th season, there will not be a reboot.

18. Active Member Policy: League members must be as active as possible. If a member is found to be “tanking” through the season (purposely giving away wins to his opponent without attempting to play), he or she will be subject to a penalty for neglecting the team they own and negatively affecting the experience of the other users. Failure to do so can lead to, but not limited to:

• Getting booted from the League

• Having your 1st Round Pick revoked

• Losing the ability to request a player development trait review at season’s end
Nobody wants to play the CPU or have to Sim their games. Users join JabboLabs for the best competition and experience, so this policy is in place to maintain competition high as well as a great experience for all users.

19. Advance will be at 10pm est every 48 hours. If a user needs advance to be held, then it will not be a problem. Users must tell the Commissioners at least 2 hours before advance that they need the advance to be held, and a time for a game must be scheduled. The last game needs to be started by 9:45pm est.

Roster Adjustment

As M18 allows Commissioners to adjust ratings, there will be a grading scale to allow users to request rating changes to 2 players per season (amount of players is subject to change), after the first season. Users are encouraged to contact a commissioner with your arguments as to why a certain pair of players on your team deserves a rating boost. Beware, however, if your player does not perform up to par in the following season, then his ratings boost will be subject to removal or adjustment, as you would see a sophomore slump in the real NFL.

For example, imagine in Season 1 you draft a QB in the 4th round, Overall 65, and he goes on to pass for 4500 yards, 32 TDs and 12 INTs in his rookie season. The user will have the ability to argue that his QB should see a greater ratings boost after his season, to match the realistic bursts shown every season in the NFL by late round talent.

A real life example of this would be Russell Wilson who was drafted in Round 3, Pick 75. He won the starting job in camp and finished his rookie season with a 100.00 Passer Rating, clearly proving he was better than assessed. You will have the opportunity to put your sleeper picks to good use with this program, and it really makes the 5-7th rounds of the draft count, as well as who you keep track of on your new Practice Squad in Madden 17 CFMs. Other examples could be Tom Brady, Delvin Breaux, Tyrann Mathieu, Jarvis Landry, Allen Hurns, & Arian Foster.

Refer to commissioners if you have questions. Anyone who is found guilty of breaking the rules will be subject to a penalty after commissioner review.